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Travel Vitamines 6/8/2014 – Where to find the best Deals – Part 3

How often people travel depends on several facts. Do they need to travel for their business or job? How often can they affort to travel for leisure? And, more generally spoken: What do they expect in “luxury” when they travel? We all know there are a lot of deals out there. The market leaders as Expedia, and others are competitive. But how realistic are “last minutes” and what is and isn’t enclosed on those “deals”? Answer: It all depends on a lot of que’s who’re almost impossible for someone to get cleared up before they hit the “book now” button. So what exactly would convince you, you’re really get that special deal they’re promoting?


Hmm, and how do you know that you get the “lowest guaranteed prices in the World? Do you check the “what’s included” ? Some does, some don’t and you need to find out every time again you’re looking out for that one- of-a-kind “best” deal. There are a lot of good deals out there. Sure! But there’s always a difference. How often do people click the “I agree with the Terms & Conditions of …. ” without even taking a brief look at them? Don’t think I’m an Angel here. Although I should, with my background as a Legal Professional for over 33 years, it’s almost an automatism to click that “agree’ button. Don’t we all recognize this? Let’s take an example here:

Best Western Phoenix London UK-1  Best Western Phoenix London UK-3  Best Western Phoenix London UK-4

Example 1: June 30 to July 6 2014 – Best Western Phoenix, London (UK), 3 star  – 6 nights

  • $10.912,74
  • $ 7.300,99
  • LUXURY TRAVEL CLUB $ 3.103,-


  1. Travel Club Owners pay $4.200 to $7.800,- less then others in this example;
  2. Travel Club Owners have full access to professional concierge facilities to their satisfaction for business or leisure issues;
  3. Travel Club Owners can exchange their Time-Share (if any) for credits to exchange in the back office;
  4. Travel Club Owners have an iron 100% price guarantee on all  bookings on travel, car-rentals and other features from the back office, which is UNIQUE in the Travel Industry;
  5. Travel Club Owners can “earn” their One Time Membership Fee back in a few bookings, whilst getting a free trip based on earned credits as a bonus in the same time.


Of course the difference in prices isn’t always that extreme, but Travel Club Owners are ensured of paying the lowest price all around the World. No other company is offering a 100% price guarantee. So let’s have a look at another example.

grandplazadubai1 grandplazadubai2 grandplazadubai3

Example 2: June 30 to July 6, 2014 – Time Grand Plaza, Dubai, 4 star – 6 nights

  • $ 1.898,12
  • $  515,-
  • $ 1.483,27

A difference from $ 186 up to $ 1570, though the price difference of $186 is not exactly accurate, because taxes apply with at the Resort, whilst Travel Club Owners pay only $329 for six nights for all travelers INCLUDING taxes and fees AND can rely on their professional concierge back office to make special arrangements, whether they travel for business or leisure.

So how can you now-a-days find the best deals for travel around the world?
Probably by joining this US based Luxury Travel Club.

Of course there’s a business opportunity coming with it, but this is not the Blog Post I want to go over that part. In this Post I want you to see some real facts of the product itself. I’ll write another Post for the associate opportunities later. I could come up with much more examples, but the space of this blog is too small and it would cost me too much time at the moment to be honest. It’s only already impossible to show you everything, just because the back office is expanding daily. So… let’s keep it for now to this two examples.

Of course there are a lot of Travel Clubs and Agencies around the World. A lot of them have a referral program and special discounts, sometimes coming with special amenities too. And most of them have that “special deal”or “last minute”. True. A lot of them have deals that sounds really nice in your ears, which could make you feel happy to close that deal where after you enjoy a gorgeous time with your business associates or family. True.
Of course there are a lot Travel Agencies who’re telling you that they have the “best deal guarantee” for you on their website.
But … do they guarantee it without limitations? Don’t think so.

And what would you think if you would realize afterwards you could have closed a much better deal after all? Would that make you feel a little bit unhappy? I hope not, but on the other hand, most of us would feel like that. Because trust is what we thought we found in that special “deal” and when we find out that the “best price guaranteed” isn’t the “best” after all, most of us would lie against themselves, if they would say they don’t care.
Am I wrong?

A little research shows no other Travel Club or Travel Agency in the World makes that solid guarantee, followed by a payment if one of their competitors would offer the same deal for less, except this one. Read the small text in their T&C’s …
Do they guarantee you to pay you 110% of the difference if you find the same deal elsewhere cheaper? No. They don’t.

They’re just marketing their business, no more, no less and are using methods designed to reach the public and get that psychological effect that makes people buying the things they offer. Let’s be honest… Nothing wrong with that.
It’s just the way marketing offline and online is done. It’s what “doing business” is all about.

So let’s get back to the facts customers should know about.

After my little research, I’d to come to the conclusion – which I’ll keep until the opposite is proven (hmm, sounds a little bit like a lawyer-statement, but isn’t meant to be like that) – , that there’s only one (1) Travel Club in the World that gives you the guarantee that you’ll always pay the lowest price possible around the Globe and … that has written this down black-on-white as well as paying you 110% of the price difference when you can get a lower price for the same deal elsewhere, which claim can be done straight away from your own back office!
And that’s the Luxury Travel Club we’re talking about in this blog post. 

I always use to say “This is my Opinion, but I’m always prepared to give mine for a better one, if there’s one …“.
So in this case I’ll keep on to this conclusion, until someone will give me the prove I’m wrong:-).


Priceguarantee                                           Concierge Facility
Next to the Points you can earn with Delta Airlines, Southwest, KLM, Lufthansa or another Airline when booking a flight with them, if you would have a membership as meant here, you also earn credits as a member of the Travel Club by booking a flight, which you can exchange in the back office. So you’re earning credits for your complete booking: your resort, your car rental, your flight, your amenities. When joining as a Corporation, LLC, LTD, BV, BVBA, BIV, another entity or as a private member only, you can use the $29 gift cards available in your own back office to give your friends, employees or other (business) relations the possibility to book one-time in the back office, while you receiving the credits for their journey.

In other words: you’re earning whilst giving a present away.
The possibilities here are almost without borders.
Just use your Concierge Facility Back Office and tell them what you’ve in mind…


I’ll show you a few Deals who’re in the Back Office right now,  to broaden your impression



Pick6514_1 Pick 16-05-2014-1

Pick6514-2  Pick6514-3  Pick52914-2
Pick6514F-1      Pick6514F-2     Pick6514F-3
If I got your attention cached by now, and you’d like to know more about this one-of-a-kind Unique Luxury Travel Club, please complete the form below so we can send you more information.
Of course, this information will be free and without any obligation. That’s guaranteed also:-)

If you like to get a personal overview in a live conversation, please insert your Skype ID and/or phone number and we’ll contact you.

Finally, you’ll only “loose” if you keep paying too much for your business or leisure travel, without checking this new possibility to increase your comfort and decrease your expenses, don’t you agree?
So please, feel free to leave your comments and make your inquiry right now. 

The most special part of this membership, which I didn’t mention before, is probably that your children can inherit the membership.
Yes, the life time membership is transferable and willable too.

If you would like to see it as a short-term investment and not as a luxury product, that’s okay with me. You can easily have a look at it like that, because from the moment you pay your one-time fee you enjoy the discounts, pay always less then your neighbor does, who isn’t a member of your club (yet) and while you earn credits with your first bookings, or your first exchange of your Time-Share, you earn your investment back by using the product in no-time and after that point, you’re only have to collect your “intrest” coming in with future discounts and amenities, which will be an “asset” for your legacy with the life-time membership. And when you would like to refer a friend, you’ll be rewarded by the Club for that referral.

So, why don’t you check this out?
If you don’t invest in yourself to check this out… how much is your own health and wealth worth for yourself?
How much are you engaged to your company to decrease costs and increase profits?

Please complete the form below, enter your special questions in the comment area and we’ll get in touch.




Travel Vitamins 04/11/2014 – Part 2

This week the world is mainly focussing on the hurricane’s heading for the Australian coast and the threat at the Russian/Ukraïne border.  Spring is here and Summer is only a few weeks ahead.

Did you ever ask yourself why the World needs to have all those conflicts? I did many times and never found the right answer. It’s all about power and balance as it has been since ancient times. It’s part of live, just like health and happiness. As well in the Human World as in Animal World. Some people get a lot, some don’t. Some are happy, others ain’t. Partly because of objective facts, partly because of the way people feel like when something is happening in their lives. But part of this all, can be decided and created by yourself. A little advice, do that for yourself.In every situation there’s always a possibility to find a way to give yourself that little joy you’re longing for. For me travel is one of them. So I take travel as my vitamins. Taking my vitamins makes me healthier and my mind clearer. As I said before, travel broadens our mind.

So let’s have a look today at beautiful Monterey on the Southern Edge of Monterey Bay, in California.

Most of the visitors who passing by aren’t (fully) aware of the historical importance of this nice city, nor of the importance to protect threatened species.

Monterey was the site of the Battle of Monterey of July 7, 1846, during the American-Mexican War. The day that the US flag was raised and John Sloat, Commodore in the United States Navy, California claimed for the United States. Her nickname is “Cradle of History” because a lot of the “first” things in California have been risen there, including the first newspaper The Californian“.  Many years later, around 1920, the sardine market had increased greatly and Monterey became known as Cannery Row. A few years later Monterey became known as the Sardine Capital of the World. After World War II, after the sardine market decreased because of a rapid decline of the sardine population for till now still unknown reasons, Cannery Row became such as a ghost town of warehouses in the former first Capital of California. This seemed to be the sign to convert the old Cannery Row in shops, galleries and restaurants, which brought tourism back to this beautiful little town.

317    IMGP0742   IMGP0744


Monterey is also the habitat of the Southern Sea Otter, for which the Monterey Marine accomplished a conservation territory. A lot of them you’ll find at the Harbour and Fishermans Wharf in Monterey. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is not only a place where many tourists joining the row to visit the inhabitants of the Sea, but is also an Ambassador herself for Ocean Life Conservation. It’s open all year, except on Christmas Day and located at Cannery Row. If you love species like me, a Whale Watching trip  is recommendable as well as watching the  Sea Otters swimming and resting at Fisherman’s Wharf  itself, next to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. They have several projects, where is, among a lot of others, the Sea Food Watch, Sea Otter and White Shark research and educational program.

About the Aquarium I have to mention that one little shark inside. It was like he was talking to me. He looked me right in the eye and I must say, he had a sad looking in his eye. That’s something I’ll never forget. Though, the Orca living there, once slept with a bunch of children just in front of the glass. So, both are together the Mirror of Life and a Vitamin of Travel Experience.


IMGP0764     IMGP0871     IMGP0892

Pick of the Week

pick of the week 12-04-2014                      pick of the week 2 12-04-2014



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