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Travel Vitamines 04/06/2014 – Part 1

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Do you also have those moments? Your thoughts are going with the wind, changing direction now and then. From the South to the West, from the North to the East… Images of wildlife, the Sea bursting out in beautiful Waves, the Sun shining… Getting out of the ever repeating rhythm of the day?

I have those moments on a regular base. Although I’m really happy right now. Travelling, is next to wildlife and enjoying doing business on the go, one of the things I enjoy the most. How does this work for you?

Travelling broadens our minds. Different cultures, countries, people giving you the vitamins you need to stay young and enjoy life every moment of the day. Of course, no sunshine without rain in every meaning of the word. But it definitely makes you feeling better, even when things are not going exactly the way you wished for. Do you know the feeling?

So let’s have a look at this cosy beautiful island with the most friendly people of Europe:

Malta, the Pearl of the Mediterrenean

Ever been to Malta? This little Isle in the Mediterrenean has his Capital in Valletta, which has been chosen as the Main Cultural City for 2018. Since 2004 Malta joined the European Union under conditions. I call it the Port of Europe, because for businesses it’s a very tax friendly environment to start a business or a branche with the focus on Europe.
I could tell you a lot of more details of this. For now, let’s say, it’s not only a tax-friendly little country, but also inhabited by friendly people. The national income is more of less Tourism. Especially from the UK and Europe, but since a few years more and more visitors from the US and Australia are coming to visit the historic places.

It has been the scene of several movies and only a few months ago a huge film industry from Hollywood signed up to get a branche in Malta. There are almost no criminal activities and the luxury combined with the ancient monuments, the beautiful Capital and the great Cultural Music Inheritance of the Island, making this a place you have to visit, even if it’s once in a lifetime. This year there will be a great cultural event in Valletta. I’ll tell you more about it in one of my next blogposts.
For those among you, who are a member of our travel club, or joined me as an associate, and are interested in visiting Malta in 2014, think about making a combination with a Cruise around the Mediterrenean, visiting Malta and  ask the Concierge to give you a proposal for a “Taste of Malta” with the Blue Grotto experience and a visit to the Knights Palace in ancient Valletta. Something worth to see. Of course you may also contact me if you like.

A little impression of Malta:

5starStJuliansMalta                                 5starStJuliansMalta2



Another impression with our Picks of this Week around the Globe*):

03-04-14_Pick of the Week1                 PickoftheWeek2A

*) Exclusive Members-only prices.

See you in my next Blog post:-) Enjoy!
If you like to know more about our membership or the business opportunity that comes with it, visit my websites or contact me directly by email: and join one of our next live webinars. register at


Author: Jacq Global

I'm a retired former legal professional. Since the end of 2013 I've started working online. After a nasty period in 2014 and stil fighting Cancer, I'm back on the air and writing about everything that's coming up. As a travel lover, online business entrepeneur, father and patient, I hope to be able to contribute in several ways to the online community.

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